9th Annual Long Island Run For The Warriors

BlackFlag 1

Hey everyone! As many of you know I run this race every year in honor of my cousin Keith. Keith joined the marines straight out of high school and was injured during an IED explosion during his first deployment in Iraq. While the explosion may have left him wounded and now a leg amputee, he has never given up on living his life to the fullest. From climbing mountains for Ascents of honor, to running a 100 mile race for those he and others have lost, he continues to amaze people every day and be an absolute selfless individual.

This year I have created a team named Black Flag 1 to honor not only my cousin, but the group he served with and those they lost in Iraq. Black Flag 1 was the name given to the group of men he served with as a 2nd batallion reconassiance marine. This year and for the rest to come, this team runs for Cory Palmer, Brad Fulks, Alex Carbonaro and Robert Moscillo. A reminder that those that have fallen will never be forgotten. 

Hope for the Warriors is an amazing way to give back to soldiers, veterans, and the families of those who are struggling. While my family was lucky enough to see Keith come home, many other families like those of the men named above, were not as lucky. It isn't just the loss of a soldier, it is the loss of a son, a daughter, a husband, a wife, a sibiling, a mother or a father. War takes a toll not only on those going over seas, but the family and friends that they leave behind during each deployment. Hope for the warriors gives veterans and families the means to readjust to life outside of war. Please take a moment and donate whatever you can to help those who serve our country! Any amount helps! Thank you! :)

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